• Quick-E-Mounted Tool Rack
  • Quick-E-Slab Grabber
  • Quick-E-Single Clamp
  • Quick-E-Tumbler
  • Quick-E-Vents
  • Quick-E-Large Block Clamp
  • Quick-E-BL 980 Block Clamp
  • Quick-E-Block Clamp

Our Story

Pave Tool is a family owned and operated business in Connecticut. It was started in 2007 by the four Bahler Brothers who have owned a landscape contracting business for over 30 years. Realizing the need to make their jobs easier and more efficient, they created Pave Tool Innovators formerly known as Techo-Tools.

It is our mission to help you work smart, not hard, by using quality precision laser cut tools that are built to last.

Built by Experience

We have seen just about every type of situation on an installation job that can cost a company time and money. That is why we have invented a line of tools that will save you time, help prevent injuries to you and your workers and increase your profits.

These tools make our jobs easier, safer and more efficient than some of the installation practices we used to employ. By using these tools and systems we have been able to be extremely competitive in a difficult market.


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