How to Use the Quick-E-Paver Popper August 06 2015

The Quick-E-Paver Popper has been a hot ticket lately!


There is no easy way to extract pavers from an existing patio or walkway. Here are some helpful tips along with the video on how to use our Quick-E-Paver Popper.

  • If polymeric sand was used, pour boiling hot water on the joints around the paver to be extracted. This will help break down the polymers.
  • Once you have the Quick-E-Paver Popper set, tap the pavers (with the Sim60 Mallet) around the paver to be extracted to loosen up the surrounding area.
  • When embedding the teeth into the joints between the pavers, make sure the handle is touching the base of thee tool (see video). This helps eliminate tooth breakage.

Replacement Teeth are available.